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What a site! I love fisting, cunt stretching and squirting, and I can't believe I've finally found a porn site that is devoted to it! Please please can we have more speculum play. Thanks Max, Memphis

You dirty bitches. More ass play and ass fisting would be nice and more pissing Mark from London

Please can we have even more fisting. I know you have 100 hours but I want MORE!!!!! love it MILFs being fisted up the cunt and ass at the same time. Surat from Aberdeen

This is best fisting site with much free porn and better porn members area. Fist fucking is what I like exteremely and I want you know how much I enjoy your dirty porn you bitches I am Per of Copenhagen

You FistingFanatics ladies are so damn hot! I really like pee and peehole play, speculums and sounds. How about some enema play. Would be great to see a hard cunt fisting with those sexy Milfs spraying milk from their asses every time the fist rams into their cunts Dan in Ohio

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How fantastic to see a pornsite with amateur vids of mature women and girls. Love the watersports and squirting and if you ladies want ideas for more then how about some squirting and piss competitions? Mike, Seattle

Wow!! You guys really do love your fisting, don't you! Would love to see more of Tallulah's ass being stretched and more A2M as the bitch clearly loves sucking dildos that have been up her ass. Can't wait for next month! Mike, Brisbane

It is most beutiful to see pussy and ass fisting, I am very very happy when I see your new films at FistingFanatics and I wish to see more stretching and huge dildos and more anal sex please. Your friend Patrice in Paris

God I wish I was there to take part! I love having my cunt stretched and nipples tortured and I would love to get my hands on your girls. Keep the videos coming and if you're after suggestions then more pissing please Anna New Zealand

Would love to see more of Prudence being fisted, pissing and drinking piss. Would love to see her taking anal Jedd Illinois

Lovely to see anal fisting, gaping and squirting from women who clearly love it. Your friend Jeff from California

Your fisting site is much loved by me. I am also loving gaping and anal fist and pissing games and if you are in Prague you must visit me please I am Timo in Prague

This is lovely fist, piss and squirt site. I like very much. Go FistingFanatics! - Marcello, Turin

Hey! It was great to be the Fisting-Fanatics winner in October. Could hardly believe all the filthy fisting action. Fantasic speculum, sounds and catheter play! I have never seen any porn like it. Thanks again for the great prize and keep on rocking you Fisting Fanatics - Rob, Gibraltar

Love all this dirty fisting and squirting action, especially the anal fisting and rosebuds Peter from Kilkenny

Formidable! My wife and I love you FistingFanatics website you are so dirty and such fun and we love pissing so much Jean et Louise en France

Hi Fisting-Fanatics! Love the site, and would love to see more mature women fisted and anal fisted by girls or teens. The squiting is amzing. Robert in sunny Singapore

Well hello Fisting Fanatics and thanks so much for all the free fisting porn trailers. I'll be joining your lovely site just as soon as I get paid! Erik Oslo

I never though I would ever want to be fisted but now I do! Love everything here but especially the older ladies who squirt when the fist is removed. It's a shame I am so far from you. Love to you all Fisting Fanatics - Anna from Hawaii

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